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Wild Rose

Worn by Millie

This color is inspired by the wild roses that grow along the beaches in the Northeast.  Fragrant, vibrant flowers that welcome you to the sea.

Clear Skies

What is better than a cloudless summer day full of sunshine? Clear Skies is the bright blue that extends as far as you can see and meets the the ocean at the horizon.


Sweet Peach

Worn by Roux

The scent of blossoms in the orchard and the sweet juice of a ripe peach dripping down your chin inspired this color.  Sweet treats are good for pups and humans!


Worn by Lola

The feeling of sunshine on your skin is like no other.  It warms you and brings brightness to your day. Nothing says summer like sunny days, so Sunshine will bring summer to you and your pup (even during a summer rain storm)!


Palm Tree

Worn by Elle

The island breeze rustles through the palm leaves as a coconut falls to the ground. You and your pooch share a refreshing drink as you sit on the beach and listen to the palm trees sway—that's what the beach life is all about!

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